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We provide the best end-to-end solutions for offering

your consumers convenience through credibility - in all purchase stages.

Lead the way to the best delivery experiences.

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Shopping Intent Uninterrupted

Let your customers explore your shop while keeping them informed on:

• Cut-off hours

• Item based delivery options

• Delivery cost

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Increase conversion

Improve conversion by removing customer anxiety with improved shopping & checkout experiences

Be consumer friendly

Achieve delivery personalisation based on billions of data points from millions of consumer orders

Save money

Optimize net delivery cost by up-selling, down-selling & cross-selling delivery options in favour of your bottom line

No more mistakes

Advance carrier to cart-item matching and improve compliance with regulations

Full control at low cost

Get full control over your delivery logic without incurring technical cost or introducing complex integrations

Expand globally

Offer a local delivery experience globally by tapping into 250 K+ worldwide integrated pick-up and home delivery options

Build loyalty

Get loyal customers by delighting them with accurate tracking information and proactive messaging

Repurpose retail

Multiply the purposes of your brick & mortars by omni-channel optimization

Keep Up With Modern Development

We keep tabs on new tech innovations best suited for your business