Optimize your checkout experience

Add and A/B test different delivery options to drive purchases and loyalty


Build an effective, data-driven delivery strategy with Ingrid Checkout

Increase conversion

Reduce cart abandonment with intelligent delivery options.

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Build customer loyalty

Drive repeat purchases by offering a seamless delivery experience.

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Reduce costs

Set up smart delivery rules that decrease your net delivery cost.

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Use data insights

Use the existing data to optimize and A/B test your delivery checkout.

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Smart checkout optimization

Ingrid Checkout is a delivery selection module that integrates into your checkout page to present accurate delivery information for every customer (including delivery times, price, and available carriers). Set up the desired delivery configuration and let the technology do the rest!

  • Unlimited, free carrier integrations
  • Advanced, no-code delivery logic
  • User-friendly interface

Profit from e-comm deliveries

Use Ingrid Checkout to improve the online shopping experience for your customers, one delivery at a time.

Show personalized delivery options

Allow the customer to decide when and how they want their order. Dynamic pricing ensures a fair deal.

Promote options that matter

Use custom labels and preselection to highlight different carriers and delivery options.

Set your free shipping threshold

Convert more customers and increase the Average Order Value with a Free Shipping Progress Bar.

Estimate delivery times

Provide accurate delivery time estimations to make it easier for your consumers to plan for deliveries.

A/B test in real-time

Present different variations of your delivery checkout to see which options convert better.

Delivery logic built to scale your business

Personalizing the checkout experience can be complex. With Ingrid Checkout, your customers will have the most convenient options to choose from. Every time.


Cart conditions verified

Once a consumer lands on your checkout page, Ingrid’s Checkout verifies their information to show the best delivery options.


Delivery checkout rendered

Within 0.2 seconds, personalized delivery options are ready to be presented to the consumer.


Eligible options displayed

The best-suited carriers are displayed, along with a credible delivery promise that takes into account lead times and the order status in the warehouse.


The best option preselected

Choose wisely: 70% of consumers choose the pre-selected option, while some appreciate having flexibility at this stage.

Reduce cart abandonment

Since 2015, Ingrid has been around to create better delivery experiences.


Of online shopping carts are abandoned before checkout.


Of consumers go elsewhere if a retailer doesn’t offer their desired delivery option.


Orders have already been made with Ingrid’s Checkout.


Orders per second are being placed through Ingrid's Checkout.

Companies using Ingrid Checkout

Meet forward-thinking retailers who optimize and A/B test their delivery experience with Ingrid.

Zero-touch deployment makes things easier

API documents and integration guides are available for your developers. No matter your current setup, it’s easy to get started.


Implement simple JavaScript

Easily add Ingrid Checkout to your existing checkout page.


Create smart business rules

Tailor Ingrid Checkout to your business needs.


Connect with your partners

Sync your new setup with partners and carriers.


Go live in all countries

Implement the solution in all your markets and expand to new ones.

Babyshop increased revenue by 11%

''A/B Testing proved that customers are willing to add more to the cart. We adjusted the pricing strategy for delivery options accordingly."

Marcus Svensson
Head of Data Science, Babyshop Group

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Improve your delivery experience

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