Optimize transport management

Cut transportation costs with one, cloud-based TMS software for e-commerce


A single transportation management system for booking and managing all your delivery orders, regardless of the scale of your operations.

Unlimited carrier connectivity

250+ carrier products at your disposal. Add any carrier, free of charge.

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High performance

Book transport faster with industry-leading response time of 200ms.

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Easy management

Manage and track all your delivery orders in one dashboard.

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Automated booking rules

Choose the best carrier product for specific types of orders, always.

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TMS software built for e-commerce

There’s no need to rely on manual order booking or slow TMS software anymore. Ingrid Transport will help you achieve higher efficiency, save time and money, and connect with the right carrier partners. When needed, introduce automated booking rules to always choose the best carrier product for the job (the least expensive, the most reliable, the fastest, or the most sustainable—it's all up to you).

Integrate with the best carriers

The right e-commerce TMS should support various carrier integrations. Leverage unlimited carrier connectivity and add any carrier you like, free of charge.

Feature-rich, for your e-commerce business

Shipment booking

Book all your orders with any carrier company you like, with an industry-leading response time of 200ms.

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Label printing

PDF, SVG, EML, ZPL, XML... Whatever you have to print, Ingrid will generate the right label for you

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Shipment history

Complete visibility into your shipment history. Use data insights to monitor and analyze carrier performance

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Return labels

Send ready-made return labels you and your consumers will appreciate, with just a few clicks

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Order tracking

Easily fetch tracking numbers and links from carrier companies responsible for delivering your orders

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Order consolidation

Consolidate several parcels in bulk and layer the label information to save money and streamline your orders

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Automatic carrier replacement

Choose a different carrier product to get back on track when something goes wrong

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Rate calculation

Keep track of mismanaged delivery time promises & faulty invoices from carriers

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Haypp Group easily creates and books B2C shipments

"The biggest win for us has been the decrease in downtime, we’ve actually seen a huge improvement after implementing Ingrid. It’s worth a lot to us—Haypp Group runs operations 24/7, and we can’t afford any problems with the TMS."

Jenny Mitts
Chief Logistics Officer, Haypp Group

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