Offer transparent order tracking

Reduce support issues and show relevant tracking details at every stage


No more dreaded “Where is my order?” questions. Start offering e-commerce order tracking that begins right after the purchase.

Full post-purchase experience

Cover all stages of the order delivery journey—from when it's placed, not shipped.

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Branded tracking page

Take control over post-purchase messaging and stop redirecting your customers to carriers' websites.

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Fewer support issues

Reduce delivery anxiety and the number of customer inquiries with transparent order tracking.

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Multi-parcel tracking

Multi-parcel orders shipped with the same or different carriers can all be tracked under one link.

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Reduce support issues

Ingrid Tracking starts when the order is placed, and ends when the order is delivered or picked up by your customer. Such a detailed post-purchase journey reduces delivery anxiety and improves the overall shopping experience.

  • Easy to integrate with your e-commerce business
  • Clear, relevant order trackingevents to show
  • Supported in 20+ languages

Own the communication

Delivery notifications are typically sent by carriers. With Ingrid, you can reclaim the communication and have control over post-purchase messaging.

Send notifications

Keep the customers engaged and proactively notify them about their order status via email and SMS.

Connect all the sources

Make the most of the existing tech stack. Show tracking information from any internal or external system that you use.

IDEAL OF SWEDEN reduced support tickets from 37% to 4%

"Reducing the number of customer support tickets has been a joint effort where Ingrid’s brand new Tracking page played a big role.”  

Adam Gudmundsson
Head of E-commerce, IDEAL OF SWEDEN

Frequently asked questions

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