Reinvent your retail stores

Fulfill e-commerce orders directly in retail stores to make your delivery promise much faster and greener


Turn physical stores into e-commerce hubs and start offering faster, greener, and more flexible deliveries.

Faster deliveries

Send e-commerce orders much faster, including same-day & quick commerce deliveries.

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Pick-up and drop-off options

Offer more flexible delivery options. Research shows that in-store pickup is preferred by plenty of consumers.

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Higher inventory efficiency

Activate your entire stock value — make your inventory available for the whole market to match supply and demand much better.

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Lower last-mile emissions

Fulfill e-commerce orders directly in stores to lower last-mile emissions and make your deliveries much greener.

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Use retail stores to your advantage

Ingrid In-store supports merchants like yourself in using brick-and-mortar stores as order fulfillment centers, both for last-mile deliveries and as pickup points across the globe.

By fulfilling orders in-store, you can offer much cheaper, faster, and greener deliveries — especially if the ordered items are already on-shelf.

Nudie Jeans delivers web orders store-to-door

“Since we have a store network, we saw the possibility to go more local and utilize store capacity, lower our operating cost, increase customer satisfaction and, most importantly, lower our carbon footprint. With Ingrid’s help, we were able to make this happen.”

Maria Johansson
Chief Operations Officer, Nudie Jeans

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