Reinvent your retail stores

Use your retail stores and send out orders even faster with store-to-door delivery services


Turn physical stores into e-commerce hubs and start offering faster, greener, and more flexible deliveries.

Same-day delivery

Offer fast and flexible delivery options to let your customers choose what works best for them.

Pick-up and drop-off

Offer more alternatives. Research shows that in-store pick-up is preferred by plenty of consumers.

Inventory efficiency

Activate your entire stock value by transforming retail stores into warehouses.


Home deliveries are in high demand. Double your capacity with store-to-door delivery services.

Use retail stores to your advantage

Go omnichannel

Make the most of your assets and stay ahead of the delivery infrastructure development. If Amazon can do it, so can you.

Swedish Match builds 
an omnichannel strategy

“We want to integrate our ecommerce with our retail business to create a seamless omnichannel strategy. 
It requires a modern technical platform and that makes Ingrid the only alternative.”

Stefan von Stein

Director eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Swedish Match

Frequently asked questions

Do I need the In-store solution in order to offer in-store pick up?
Which carriers can I use?
How are my staff allerted of a new order?
What happens if my staff can't pack the order in time?
What kind of omni channel setup is needed to implement In store

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