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Four out of five consumers say they are less likely to shop with the same retailer again after a poor digital returns experience.

Hassle-free returns are mission critical. Ingrid Returns streamlines and automates the whole process, making it faster and more convenient for your shoppers.

Returns don't have
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Ingrid Returns is the returns automation platform for modern e-commerce brands, featuring a fast and intuitive experience for your customers.

One-click returns

Improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with a simple returns experience.

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Data-driven strategy

Gain valuable insights into your operations for informed decision making and returns prevention.

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Sustainability focus

Lower the environmental impact of reverse logistics, give your pre-loved products a second life.

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AI recommendations

Boost customer personalization with smart return methods and AI-driven product suggestions.

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Revolutionized returns

From returns to returning shoppers. Create an experience your customers will thank you for.

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Out-of-the-box solutions to simplify, automate and optimize your reverse logistics process.

One-click returns

Returns, exchanges and claims designed with your customers in mind.

Gift cards

Retain revenue and build customer loyalty with gift cards.


Reduce returns with quick and easy exchanges.

Data dashboard

Access detailed return insights for data-driven decision making.


Add resell, recycle and repair to your current catalog.

AI-driven recommendations

Suggest the best products to your customers.

It's a game changer

Here's how Hubso, a 'one-stop-hub' for influencers looking to branch out into e-commerce, achieves more efficiency in handling returns.


E-commerce brands


Returns converted to exchanges

1000 KM

Avoided in extra distance per return

171 SEK

Saved on average per return

Hubso converts 30% of returns to direct exchanges

''When returning a fashion item, customers would often want to get it in a different size or color. What they don't want to
do though is ordering the product all over again — unless they can easily exchange it in a couple of clicks.''

— Sebastian Schardl,

COO of Hubso

We help forward-thinking retailers navigate in the delivery-first era

Scale your business with Ingrid’s delivery experience platform that tailors to your needs.

"How come no one has done it before?"

Sebastian Schardl,

COO, Hubso Group

"A game changer for our returns process."

Elin Mohlander,

Founder, RESIDUS

"We are happy to give our customers easy exchanges and returns with Ingrid Returns."

Ida-Stina Lundgren,

E-Commerce Manager, Grand Frank

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