Elon achieves a 15% conversion increase with a delivery offer one step ahead

Looking for scalable growth? Optimize your online delivery offer with more shipping options and proactive tracking


Elon is one of the Nordic region's leading retail chains for consumer electronics and home appliances.

The company operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, with a network of over 400 stores in Sweden alone.


It's the delivery-first era of retail. Online shoppers and retailers start recognizing the impact of smooth deliveries — or the lack of such — on purchase decisions and conversion. 

In this market, retailers who offer flexible, accurate and climate-smart delivery services are the ones to gain a strong competitive edge. They are able to convert more consumers and encourage repeat orders.

Besides, when dealing with heavy and bulky items like white goods, end-to-end delivery management solutions are key in determining the best delivery options for each market and order.


Ingrid Delivery Platform supports Elon's wider strategy to optimize and scale their digital commerce capacity.

Ingrid Delivery Checkout makes it easy to display customized delivery options for each shopping cart, including costs, delivery times, available methods and carriers.

What happens next?

There's a lot going on between 'purchased' and 'delivered', and yet once consumers place the order, they treat the products as theirs. That's why Elon has also chosen Ingrid Tracking.

Unlike traditional tracking services, Ingrid Tracking shows branded order status communication immediately after the purchase, not when the item is shipped.

Without having to rely on carrier tracking, Elon closes the gap between checkout and delivery and eases anxieties about products being delayed or lost.


Elon takes a delivery-first approach from the consumer perspective to solidify its position as Scandinavia's top electronic goods retailer.

Conversion increase in the first six months

Delivery experience as a unique selling proposition

"We saw a positive impact on the checkout experience and conversion in general already within six months after implementing Ingrid."

Jakob Dahlner
Chief E-Commerce Officer, Elon Group

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