Hatstore improves delivery offer and increases AOV by 15%

Scale internationally and manage your delivery offer with the no-code logic of Ingrid Checkout


Hatstore was born from a genuine love for headwear.

When founder Filip Klasson started the journey in 2012, he felt the headwear industry was lacking two things — range and customization. 

What started out as an inventory that would fit beneath a twin-size bed has today grown into a market-leading brand that pushes the limits of headwear design with a passion for exclusive, high-end products. 


The main challenge Hatstore faced before switching to Ingrid was international scalability. Their customers could only expect one delivery option or choose from two at best. 

What's more, Hatstore's development team had to be involved in every change of delivery parameters, including the price. 


Following a quick, straightforward implementation of Ingrid Delivery Checkout, Hatstore now offers more delivery options consumers can choose from in many different markets. 

Those are presented in a smooth, easy-to-use interface with a more precise delivery date, which helps the brand reduce the number of customer service questions amid increased order volumes. 

The advanced, no-code delivery logic of Ingrid Delivery Checkout gives Hatstore's commercial teams the flexibility to tweak the delivery methods and prices without engaging the company's technical resources. 


With Ingrid Delivery Checkout, Hatstore increased the average total value of every order placed.

increase in the average order value (AOV)

Tailored to our business needs

"Ingrid Delivery Checkout helped us scale internationally. Also, our commercial departments no longer have to involve the development team whenever we want to change the delivery offer, which made our life much easier. 

On top of this, the Ingrid team is really responsive and quick when it comes to issues and new features. We have had several feature requests and each has been fulfilled so far — a HUGE plus compared to many other companies that would just 'add it to the backlog'. 

We've been involved in the development of each feature request from the very beginning, and so it really feels like we've built them together."

Patrik Karlsson
E-commerce Manager at Hatstore

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