Ingrid featured in Breakit

Ingrid has been featured in Breakit, Sweden's fast-growing news channel covering the world of tech and startups.

Delivery has long been a critical pain point in e-commerce. Consumers want their orders to be delivered as quickly and conveniently as possible, and e-merchants want to keep up with the increased consumer standards without losing money. To make things even more interesting, a whole lot of new players entered the e-commerce scene in recent years, all vying to win the delivery game — companies like Budbee, Airmee, Instabox, Foodora among others.

"We see that this problem, which remains at the heart of our business, is getting much more attention today than before. Logistics, consumer experience, environmental impact, everything is very important, but it also makes deliveries extremely complex. This is where a SaaS model makes a powerful impact — solving an extremely complex problem on a single platform," says Piotr Zaleski, founder and CEO. Ingrid Delivery Platform makes it possible for merchants to tap into the long-term benefits of offering the most convenient, cheapest and fastest delivery option.

"We want to solve problems in a cool way with a cool team and create the best conditions for success, both professionally and personally, for our people," remarks Zaleski.

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