Hatstore - another new customer for Ingrid

Hatstore is the latest in a line of new customers for the SaaS company Ingrid. The ability to quickly - in the first five months of this year- establish itself in 20 new markets made the decision an easy one.

After a procurement process, Hatstore has chosen to include the SaaS company Ingrid's delivery selector in its online checkout. Hatstore is expanding aggressively, adding 20 new markets in 2022. Ingrid plays a central role in being able to provide the consumer with delivery options adapted to each market. Hatstore will also use Ingrid's tracking module to give its customers a better delivery experience and reduce the number of cases to customer service.

"Ingrid's services play a central role in our expansion strategy. At the end of the year, we will be present in 51 markets, 20 more than today. It is very important to us to be able to offer delivery options that people are used to in every market. We have been limited in which suppliers we could offer our customers, but thanks to Ingrid this is no longer a problem," says Patrik Karlsson E-commerce Manager at Hatstore.

"Hatstore has big ambitions and we are happy to be able to join the journey. We've developed our platform to meet the complex needs of customers like Hatstore, and it's nice to get further proof that we got it right... hats off!" says Piotr Zaleski, CEO of Ingrid.

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