CAMILLA PIHL signs with Ingrid

It's more than just a brand. It's a universe. CAMILLA PIHL extends its partnership with Ingrid to champion a mindful approach to fashion with sustainable product returns and effortless exchanges.

CAMILLA PIHL is an Oslo-based fashion brand founded in 2018 by Camilla Pihl, an influencer and entrepreneur passionate about style and lifestyle. With timeless femininity at the brand's heart and everyday essentials, CAMILLA PIHL offers a complete and balanced wardrobe for the modern woman.

With 3 retail stores — and another store opening in April, 2024 — and a total of 80 wholesale partners, CAMILLA PIHL has become one of the most successful fashion brands in Norway.

We're thrilled to be part of the company's delivery optimization journey and together, work on making a positive impact in the fashion industry and the brand's community.

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