Ingrid acquires Turnr

Boosting E-commerce: Delivery experience platform Ingrid acquires return innovator Turnr. The strategic acquisition combines Ingrid's platform for customized delivery experiences with Turnr's efficient returns process, setting a new standard for the customer experience throughout the purchase journey.

Ingrid (In-Grid AB) has announced the acquisition of Turnr, a platform for automating e-commerce returns. As a delivery experience platform, Ingrid connects merchants, carriers, and customers to create better shopping experiences throughout the purchase journey. Approximately 20% of all e-commerce purchases are returned, and returns account for a large part of the perceived friction in e-commerce. The acquisition emphasizes Ingrid’s long-term strategy to simplify the entire customer journey in e-commerce and offer frictionless delivery experiences from the first contact with the product to its potential return.

Ingrid and Turnr are both pioneers in their respective areas of the e-commerce sector. Ingrid specializes in customized delivery experiences that drive sustainable growth for e-commerce retailers and delivery companies, and collaborates with well-known e-commerce players like Adlibris, Paul Smith, Bubbleroom, ICA, and Kronans Apotek, among others.

Turnr focuses on modernizing the return process for e-commerce businesses and offers solutions that digitize existing inefficient return processes enabling seamless returns, exchanges, and innovative customer-to-customer flows.

"Approximately 20% of e-commerce orders are returned, and it’s one of e-commerce's biggest challenges — for both consumers and e-commerce businesses. Ingrid and Turnr share a long-term vision of making life easier for consumers and business more profitable for e-commerce retailers and delivery companies. Our joint offering takes us much closer to that vision," says Piotr Zaleski, CEO of Ingrid.

The acquisition complements Ingrid's product portfolio by introducing a returns solution that expands the company's touchpoints across the entire e-commerce customer journey.

Schibsted, who invested in Ingrid in March 2023 and also has ownership in Turnr, will through this deal sell its shares in Turnr to Ingrid and thereby increase its ownership in Ingrid.

“Ingrid and Turnr are best-in-breed complementary solutions. Ingrid’s acquisition of Turnr strengthens the company’s position in the e-commerce industry. We’re looking forward to seeing what the combined teams can achieve,” says Anders Spilling, Chairman of the Board at Turnr and Director at Schibsted.

Turnr’s product development and customer service teams and Founder and CEO Linus Robertsson, will join Ingrid, ensuring continuity in service excellence for existing Turnr clients.

"Turnr and Ingrid have many similarities when it comes to company culture, the vision of optimizing the e-commerce landscape, and the focus on building leading products and services. Joining their team feels like a natural and exciting next step for Turnr," remarks Linus Robertsson, Turnr's Founder and CEO.

Turnr's return solution will be seamlessly integrated into Ingrid’s existing service offerings, leading to a comprehensive solution for the e-commerce sector. This union combines the strengths of both companies to create an outstanding shopping experience from a consumer’s first contact with a retailer to a potential return.

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