Elon live with Ingrid Checkout and Tracking

Elon now employs Ingrid in its e-commerce delivery checkout. After an extensive procurement process, Elon has chosen to include the SaaS company Ingrid's delivery platform in its online checkout.

The selection of Ingrid supports Elon's strategy to strengthen its digital commerce and to provide its consumers with faster deliveries and more flexible options.

Elon has also chosen to use Ingrid's tracking service, which connects the delivery experience in a user-friendly way. Unlike many other tracking services, Elon controls the tracking updates via Ingrid's tracking service embedded on Elon.se, not relying on a third party to communicate with their customers. This gives the consumer relevant information immediately after the purchase and becomes a natural place for Elon to communicate updates about the order to the consumer.

"We are happy to be live and we are already seeing positive results on both the percentage who choose to end their purchase at checkout and the conversion in general. There have been increases of +15 percent since we went live," says Jakob Dahlner, sales manager B2C at Elon.

"It's fun to be live, and gratifying to see that the collaboration has already generated such great results. It is complex to solve deliveries for a company like Elon, because they have such a wide catalog of products and many stores that can be used to improve delivery. The fact that Elon also chose to implement our tracking product is proof that our services are at the forefront and solve the market's problems," says Piotr Zaleski, CEO at Ingrid.

In the last 30 days, approximately one million Swedes have used Ingrid's services. The company is growing rapidly. Today, the company has roughly 70 employees. Some of Ingrid's other clients are Adlibris, Apotek Hjärtat, NA-KD, Footway and Gant. The company was founded by, among others, Piotr Zaleski and Anders Ekman and is backed by Blq Invest, Schibsted and Verdane.

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