RugVista live with Ingrid in three markets

RugVista has partnered with delivery experience platform Ingrid to give customers in key markets across Europe better access to preferred last-mile carrier options and to optimize the company’s logistics.

“RugVista constantly strives to deliver an outstanding customer experience and we know that providing popular delivery and return options in each local market is critical,” says Anders Matthiesen, Chief Operating Officer at RugVista. “Teaming with Ingrid adds flexibility for our customers and allows us to continuously optimize our delivery and return experience.”

Rugvista recently rolled out Ingrid in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. At the same time, they introduced PostNord’s delivery services in Sweden and Denmark. The plan is to launch Ingrid and new last-mile carrier options in additional markets during the rest of the year.

Ingrid is active in more than 80 markets around the world and has supported more than 40 million orders through its delivery checkout platform. Ingrid supports shoppers with checkout, order tracking, and transport management.

“I’m really happy and proud to welcome a prominent E-com brand like RugVista to our platform. Delivering bulky items like rugs across many different markets is a complex task and with our help Rugvista will be able to improve the customer experience and optimize the setup,” says Piotr Zaleski CEO of Ingrid.

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