What is Delivery Checkout A/B Testing?

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Delivery checkout A/B testing definition

Delivery checkout A/B testing — also known as split testing — is a method of determining which version of the delivery checkout resonates more with the target audience. Your web visitors are shown two or more versions at the same time, which helps you check which checkout configuration they prefer and which option impacts your business metrics the most.

A/B testing helps you understand consumer behavior in a data-driven way and validate the assumptions before making important business decisions. 

  • How much can you charge for deliveries? 
  • What about free shipping? 
  • In what order do you display shipping carriers?
  • How do you encourage consumers to choose more sustainable delivery methods? 

When done right, A/B testing allows you to improve the shopping experience for your customers — which drives conversions and repeat purchases.

Delivery checkout A/B testing example — Kronans Apotek

Kronans Apotek has over 320 pharmacies throughout Sweden — from Skåne in the south to Lapland in the north — with quick e-commerce deliveries all across the country. 

Kronans Apotek boosts revenue by 2% and greener deliveries by 25% through A/B testing
Kronans Apotek delivery checkout A/B testing business case

Together with Conversionista!, the no. 1 consultancy for growth and experimentation, Kronans Apotek identified three business challenges in relation to the delivery pricing strategy and sustainability:

  1. Low order value purchases were found to affect the profit margins; 
  2. Product revenue margins weren't enough to cover the costs of deliveries;
  3. Online shoppers faced little incentive to choose greener delivery options. 

What's next? Conversionista! created a set of hypotheses and started experimenting with the built-in A/B testing functionality of Ingrid Delivery Checkout. They replaced the pre-selected free delivery option with a greener delivery method, presented at the top of the delivery checkout. Then, they explored five — A/B/C/D/E — delivery cost combinations to identify which price would give the best conversion outcome.

Ingrid Delivery Checkout A/B Testing feature
Ingrid Delivery Checkout with a built-in A/B testing feature

Pricing experimentation paid off. Kronans Apotek minimized low value orders that had a negative impact on profit margins and helped their customers make more sustainable delivery decisions. 

Despite the 14% reduction in conversion rate — which in fact eliminated low-margin orders — Kronans Apotek saw a 25% increase in greener delivery option, 11% net margin revenue boost, and a 2% increase in total revenue.

"We've been really good at optimizing the delivery experience from checkout to when the customer gets their products. We now also have phenomenal tools to reliably control the customer offer at all times based on our business goals."
David Wolgers, Head of Product Management at Kronans Apotek

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