IDEAL OF SWEDEN boosts revenue by 7% in the Dutch market

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IDEAL OF SWEDEN is a global fashion and lifestyle brand for premium phone accessories. Inspired by the latest trends in fashion and interior, their designs merge smart function with cutting-edge looks.

From phone cases, phone wallets, charging cables, power banks to clutches and other fashion pieces — IDEAL OF SWEDEN stands for the little luxuries in everyday life.


Without qualitative and quantitative data on delivery pricing at hand, it was unclear at what delivery price point potential consumers would be the most likely to make a purchase after adding products to cart.

For this reason, IDEAL OF SWEDEN has been setting different delivery prices in different markets, while searching for a solution that would make the price setting more data-driven. 


To address the challenge, IDEAL OF SWEDEN have entered the initial phase of A/B testing delivery price points in each market, starting with the Netherlands.

With Ingrid Delivery Upsell Widget, they were able set the free shipping criteria to a cart value of 45 EUR or above to experiment with consumer preferences in the Dutch market.

The assumption behind a free delivery offer was to raise the average order value and transaction conversion rate, while also boosting the number of upsell products —displayed underneath the free shipping indicator — to be added to the initial cart value.


Free delivery offer in the Netherlands has been key to understanding the logic behind changing consumer habits. 

increase in the transaction conversion rate
boost in the average order value

Data-driven delivery pricing

"We have now implemented this in the Netherlands and currently testing and scaling this up for our other markets. We are also testing other triggers in the Dutch market.

These tests with qualitative data & quantitative data help us understand what exactly encourages IDEAL OF SWEDEN consumers to increase their shopping cart value.

Only creativity sets the limits for these experiments."

Christoffer Kjellberg
Conversion Rate Optimization Manager, IDEAL OF SWEDEN

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