Kronans Apotek taking on q-commerce with foodora and Ingrid

After successful collaboration with Kronans Apotek and the SaaS company Ingrid, the q-commerce company foodora accelerates further in the delivery market together with the two players. A collaboration enables foodora to be a delivery option when Kronans Apotek's customers order goods in their webshop. This means home delivery within one hour throughout greater Stockholm, Monday to Sunday.

Ingrid improves the delivery experience for everyone who shops online. By connecting e-tailers with shipping companies, Ingrid can offer consumers the delivery option that suits the customer best. The collaboration with Ingrid means that foodora is an option of choice for millions of Swedes and is a strategic step into the parcel industry.

"foodora is a strong challenger to, among others, Budbee, Airmee and Instabox. We are the leading player in fast home deliveries and can change several game plans quickly, as few other players can offer home delivery within 30 minutes, seven days a week. We can deliver last mile and have the infrastructure in place. Through exciting collaborations, innovation is created, and with Ingrid and Kronans Apotek we are leading the charge forward at a rapid pace," says Hans Skruvfors, president and CEO of foodora.

"Fast deliveries are something the customer wants and we always want to try to say 'yes' to the customer. Through the collaboration with foodora and Ingrid, we are now taking important forward steps in developing digital channels for customers so that we can offer even greater customer value. Convenient deliveries to the door in a hard-to-beat delivery time simplify everyday life for both new and existing customers," says Hannes Hasselrot, CEO at Kronans Apotek

"Fast deliveries are a natural development for e-commerce. New expectations are now being created for increasingly shorter delivery times and it is fun to be able to collaborate with Kronans and foodora in this transformation. Pharmacy products are a segment where delivery time plays a big role, so we are convinced that this collaboration will make Kronans Apotek's customers satisfied, and are happy to be part of the solution," says Piotr Zaleski, CEO Ingrid.

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