Bubbleroom launches with Avarda and Ingrid

Bubbleroom, one of Scandinavia's biggest and fastest growing online fashion retailers, has successfully launched an integrated online checkout solution, developed by the Nordic white-label payment provider Avarda in a strategic partnership with the delivery experience platform Ingrid, in three Nordic markets.

The ideal checkout experience hinges on clarity and simplicity. Long and confusing user flows, generic and duplicate address forms, limited delivery alternatives and payment methods can ultimately turn online shoppers away once they reach the last step, resulting in high cart abandonment and low conversion for retailers.

With Ingrid and Avarda, online consumers don't have to experience all that friction — they can now access the best, locally-optimized delivery options and payment methods in a couple of single-page clicks. No more checkout hassle and confusion — now, Bubbleroom shoppers are more likely to complete the purchase with fewer steps and personalized options to choose from.

"Bubbleroom has successfully launched with Ingrid integrated into Avarda's checkout across Sweden, Denmark, and Norway," Sofie Rydberg, CCO of Bubbleroom, says. "Initial data suggests that customers are navigating the entire purchase funnel more seamlessly. This collaboration has not only streamlined the purchase journey by reducing steps and enhancing the overall customer experience but has also introduced greater delivery flexibility through Ingrid's smart business logic."

As checkout optimization has become increasingly important for e-commerce companies in pursuit of an ideal shopping journey, Avarda's e-retailers have the possibility to quickly and easily go live with Ingrid Delivery Checkout across nine available markets, regardless of the e-commerce platform they use.

"Today's e-commerce consumers expect top-tier solutions from every market player, and it's crucial to think ahead," Piotr Zaleski, CEO of Ingrid, comments. "We are extremely happy and proud to welcome a well-known fashion brand like Bubbleroom to our platform and see that the checkout collaboration with our partners at Avarda has generated such great results. It's proof that our products are at the forefront of shaping the future customer journey, and it's thanks to these strategic milestones that we know it."

"We are very happy to expand our partnership with Ingrid by adding Bubbleroom to the list of joint merchants," Rasmus Rolen, CEO of Avarda, says. "We are now able to offer Bubbleroom's customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark a streamlined payment- and delivery checkout, optimized for highest possible conversion. Our close partnership with Ingrid enables market knowledge-sharing, and we have received insightful feedback from both existing and potential clients. Partnerships with market leading players is a crucial part of Avarda’s growth, and I look forward to developing our partnership with Ingrid further."

Bubbleroom was founded in 2005 as a small exclusive online shop for expensive designer clothes. In 2008, it began the journey towards becoming a broader and more interactive fashion site. Since then, Bubbleroom has expanded its assortment, adding both famous and trendy brands as well as private labels created by their talented designers.

Avarda is the leading white-label payment provider for merchants in the Nordics. The solution helps merchants build their own brand and increase sales, while Avarda operates in the background and focuses on building the best technical and financial solution for their clients. Avarda was founded in 2015 and today has offices situated in Stockholm, Borås, Oslo and Helsinki. Avarda has had rapid growth and currently handles over 3 000 000 active customers.

Ingrid was founded in 2015 with a mission to create delivery experiences that fit people's lives by letting e-commerce businesses deliver sustainable growth and giving shoppers the power to personalize delivery and returns. The result is a better overall customer experience and greater efficiency for both the retailer and the delivery carrier. Ingrid is active in more than 80 markets around the world and has supported more than 100 million orders through its delivery checkout. Over 200 retailers use the service, including Adlibris, Kronans Apotek, Paul Smith, and more.

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