Follow Black Week 2022 in real-time

Black Week is here! To give all e-commerce geeks and logistics freaks something to calm their nerves with, the delivery platform Ingrid is showing all its orders on a map in real-time.

DHL, PostNord, Budbee, Instabox, Bring, Early Bird and more are represented on the map. When a consumer chooses delivery via Ingrid's platform, the respective shipping company's log appears on the map. (For privacy reasons, the coordinates have been moved a bit and it is not possible to zoom in that much either). The page also shows the total number of orders that Ingrid had, as well as the number of orders per second right now.

"It's surprisingly soothing to sit and rest your eyes on. A way to relax a bit in the middle of the Black Week frenzy. But it's going to be bubbling well by the end of the week, we're expecting 10 orders per second by Friday night," says Anders Ekman, COO at Ingrid.

Note: Black Week data for the most recent year can be found at

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