What Is Delivery Experience (DX)?

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Delivery experience definition

Delivery experience (DX) means the delivery interaction between your e-commerce brand and your consumers throughout the entire shopping journey — from product consideration until the moment they receive the order. 

The e-commerce domain generally focuses on the sale of products to the exclusion of the delivery experience, and the delivery offer commonly belongs to the checkout page — something to be reached nearly at the end.  

That's an outdated e-commerce delivery strategy. Nowadays, it's a make-it-or-break-it element of the buyer decision process.  

85% of online consumers say that a poor delivery experience discourages them from ordering from the same online retailer again. They get frustrated by failed delivery expectations, which include unexpected costs, lack of flexibility and delivery promise.

Your customers want a delivery-first approach that indicates the delivery methods, prices and time estimates in advance — from the moment they land on the product page and onwards — and enables them to choose the option that fits.

Exemplary delivery journey with Ingrid.
Exemplary delivery journey with Ingrid's solutions

Key touchpoints of a seamless delivery experience

With the right end-to-end solutions like Ingrid Delivery Platform, you can transform your delivery offer into a competitive advantage, ensure a seamless delivery experience for the entire consumer journey and make online shopping as easy and convenient as an in-store experience would be. 

Here's how you do it:

✓ Start by featuring delivery options on product pages

✓ Keep your shipping & delivery FAQ updated

✓ Introduce a delivery-first checkout page

✓ Show a detailed order confirmation

✓ Provide transparent order tracking

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