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Since its launch in 1997, Swedish e-commerce pure-play giant Adlibris had earned the position of the Nordic's largest bookstore.

Staying on top of the game in a competitive landscape is part of the dexterity that has gained Adlibris their impressive client base.

Adlibris has pioneered a seamless checkout experience and intelligent last-mile solutions with an accurate delivery promise to succeed in the ever-changing e-commerce market and growing consumer demands. 


Early on, Adlibris had only been integrated with two large traditional carriers, and the delivery offer at checkout was not displayed in a seamless, consumer-oriented way. 

It became clear that small tweaks in the offering — such as adding a home delivery option and improving the look and feel of the checkout page — could work wonders for customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. 

Most importantly though, it was an effective, data-driven delivery strategy behind checkout optimization that would have made a real business impact, and Adlibris had chosen the right partner exactly for that. 


Adlibris teamed up with Ingrid and implemented the Delivery Checkout to optimize shopping experience for every consumer — including delivery times, price and available carriers — continuously growing the number of integrated carriers to meet their consumers' needs.


With Ingrid Delivery Checkout, Adlibris creates the best delivery experience for every purchase, with their customers in mind.

net delivery costs saved over 2018-2020
conversion uplift

Smart checkout optimization

"Through Ingrid's checkout optimization we are able to create the best possible delivery experience for all customers, while benefiting from both conversion uplift and lower net delivery costs."

Nicklas Törnqvist
Supply Chain Manager, Adlibris

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