Ingrid Delivery Platform reports busiest parcel pickup locations

Black Week is coming! The week when millions of Swedes buy discounted gadgets online. Then comes Queue Week, when the same Swedes have to queue outside parcel agents around the country to pick up everything they bought. There are certainly some who appreciate queuing with the rest of the neighborhood. To help everyone else, the company Ingrid* has listed the agents in Sweden who will receive the most packages in the coming weeks.** So that you, as a customer, already know in advance which agent you absolutely should not choose.

"Prepare for the worst, and don't get your hopes up. Bring something hot to drink, make sure your phone is charged, keep your spirits up, and for goodness sake have all your codes and ID ready when it's your turn. We all have to what we can to reduce queues., says Anders Ekman COO at Ingrid.

Parcel agents with the most packages in Sweden (high risk of queuing 😬)

Abrahamsbergs Video - Abrahamsbergsvägen 15, Bromma
Hönö Tappen - Lökholmsvägen 12, Hönö
Ica Kvantum Hjertberg - Framnäsvägen 1, Lidköping
Ica Täby Kyrkby - Midgårdsvägen 2, Täby
Aspudden's Heart - Hägerstensvägen 136, Hägersten
Ica Kvantum Vellinge - Järnvägsgatan 2, Vellinge
Nybro Paket cch Tobacco - Nybrogatan 36, Stockholm
Ica Kvantum Hovås - Hovås Allé 10, Hovås
Candy store Åkermyntan - Lövkojsgränd 12, Hässelby
Time Kungsholmen - Hantverkargatan 40, Stockholm

Parcel agents with the most packages in Stockholm (high risk of queuing)

Nybro Paket and Tobacco - Nybrogatan 36, Stockholm
Time Kungsholmen - Hantverkargatan 40, Stockholm
Ica Supermarket Sabbatsberg - Dalagatan 9N, Stockholm
Birger Games & Tobacco - Birger Jarlsgatan 82, Stockholm
Karlbergsvägen supermarket, Karlbergsvägen 30, Stockholm

Parcel agents with the most packages in Gothenburg (high risk of queuing)

Johannebergs Butik - Viktor Rydbergsgatan 56, Gothenburg
Directly Regina Spel - Linnégatan 57, Gothenburg
Ica Kvantum Focus - Åvägen 42, Gothenburg
Handlarn Fjällgatan - Fjällgatan 26, Gothenburg
Kaggeledstorget Games and Tobacco - Kaggeledstorget 2, Gothenburg

Parcel agents with the most packages in Malmö (high risk of queuing)

Tempo Fersensväg - Fersens Väg 18, Malmö
Direct Zel Tobak - Regementsgatan 68 B, Malmö
Handlarna Västra Hamnen - Lilla Varvsgatan 10, Malmö
Quick Stop (St1) - Munkhättegatan 77, Malmö
Sweeet - Nobelvägen 36, Malmö

Parcel agents with the most packages in Uppsala (big risk of queuing)

Ica Luthagens Livs - Sysslomansgatan 19, Uppsala
Ica Near Lindbacken - Hagtorpsvägen 5, Uppsala
Okq8 Valsätra - Bernadottevägen 5, Uppsala
Ica Väst Minishop - Flogstavägen 99, Uppsala
Ica Supermarket Samköp - Heidenstamsgatan 69, Uppsala

Parcel agents with the most packages in Linköping (high risk of queuing)

Ica Tannerfors Games and Tobacco - Nya Tanneforsvägen 58, Linköping
Ica Near Flamman - Hjulsbrovägen 43, Linköping
Gurkans Livs - Kaptensgatan 1, Linköping
Priso Hemköp - Timmermansgatan 1, Linköping
Shell Malmslättsvägen - Malmslättsvägen 9, Linköping

*Ingrid is a company that improves the delivery experience for those who shop online. By connecting e-tailers with shipping companies, Ingrid can offer consumers the delivery option that suits the customer best. Several of Sweden's largest e-tailers use Ingrid today and in total over 80 million deliveries have been mediated via Ingrid's checkout.

**The list of parcel agents is based on approx. 100,000 orders delivered to parcel agents between 1-14 November 2022, and includes deliveries with DHL Freight, PostNord, Bring and DB Schenker.

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