Introducing Ingrid Returns

Online return processes can be frustrating for brands and shoppers alike. Last November, Ingrid set out on a mission to simplify them by acquiring turnr, a pioneering returns automation platform.

Today, we're celebrating a milestone — turnr is now Ingrid Returns, a cornerstone of our end-to-end delivery experience portfolio. Ingrid Returns isn't just another solution; it's a revolution for modern e-commerce brands and online shoppers.

Data-driven insights. Equip your brand with the intelligence to prevent returns before they happen, retaining more revenue.

Sustainability first.
Reduce emissions from returns shipping, reflecting your commitment to greener operations.

A hassle-free experience. Offer your customers a return process so intuitive, they'll look forward to shopping with you again.

Transform the dreaded returns ordeal into a delightful, eco-conscious journey with Ingrid Returns. One platform, all stages of the customer journey.

Improve your delivery experience

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