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Willab Garden improves the checkout experience

Achieve a more predictable, customer-oriented delivery experience with Ingrid Checkout


Willab Garden knows exactly what you need for any home improvement project. Thanks to the extensive product assortment, the company has been making customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway happy for over three decades.

Whether you are looking for lumber or greenhouses, you are bound to find them at Willab Garden.


Since Willab Garden’s customers often buy large items, the offered delivery promise needs to be both flexible and predictable.

Unfortunately, the brand's previous checkout widget set many limits on the delivery offer configuration and smart rules due to the nature of the product. There was a need to switch to a delivery checkout solution that would make the customer experience as seamless and enjoyable as it gets. 


That's where Ingrid Checkout, widely implemented in the e-commerce industry, came into play.

Ingrid was able to provide necessary support in setting up smart business rules tailored to the brand's needs. After going live with Ingrid Checkout, Willab Garden has been able to fine-tune settings on its own thanks to Ingrid's intelligent delivery platform. 


With Ingrid, Willab Garden achieved a more predictable, customer-oriented delivery experience. 

carrier services integrated
delivery methods customers can choose from on average

Flexible and predictable deliveries

"Ingrid Checkout implementation in our four markets has made our shopping experience much simpler and customer-oriented.

With Ingrid, our consumers can buy, for instance, a greenhouse and choose between several different weeks to find a delivery option that suits them best."

David Westberg
Project Leader — Warehouse & Logistics at Willab Garden

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