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Syster P A/B tests the free delivery offer

Make informed business decisions thanks to Ingrid Checkout A/B Testing


Syster P offers timeless jewelry for every occasion in 100% recycled silver and 18k gold plating. The company was started by two sisters with a common history, interest in traveling, and passion for quality products. 

The approach is truly personal—they want Syster P’s customers to feel special and taken care of. 

The attention to detail and quality doesn't only apply to their products, but to the whole shopping journey. Naturally, delivery experience is a big part of it.


For many e-commerce companies, offering free shipping seems like a must in order to stay competitive. At some point, however, free shipping to Norway became challenging for Syster P, mainly due to high transportation costs. 

When customers placed orders for lower-priced products, the cost of shipping and handling the order became so high that it was not profitable anymore. Something had to change. 

To make an informed decision regarding delivery costs, the idea was to test whether offering free shipping increases conversion or stays the same when customers have to pay for shipping by themselves.


With Ingrid, Syster P was able to set up a split test where 50% of all visitors were offered free shipping regardless of the order value, while the other 50% were offered free shipping for orders over 500 NOK. 

Instead of just removing the free shipping option completely, A/B testing made it possible to experiment with the free shipping threshold and analyze how it affects consumer behavior and sales.


A/B Testing feature has been key to making informed business decisions regarding the free delivery offer.

Increase in the Average Order Value within the group that was offered free shipping over 500 NOK (without the decrease in the conversion rate!)
raise in the Average Transaction Value (shipping cost included)

Delivery offer based on real data insights

“We are very happy with Ingrid’s A/B Testing, as it has helped us make an important decision regarding our shipping options, based on real data insights. We are also very pleased with Ingrid’s Customer Success Team that has been supporting us from the very beginning.” 

Hanna Holmberg
Creative Project Manager, Syster P

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