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Nudie Jeans delivers web orders store-to-door in five markets

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Nudie Jeans is a Gothenburg-based denim brand that breathed new life into the Swedish word lagom — 'just the right amount'. Their environmental philosophy was present even before the first collection was designed.

Obtaining one kilo of conventional cotton takes the same amount of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and biocides.

Over the years, driven by conviction and determination, Nudie Jeans had been increasing the share of sustainable material to manufacture a fair and ethical product. Since 2012, organic cotton makes up 100% of all Nudie Jeans denim, with a promise of free repairs.


Nudie Jeans ships to over 50 countries worldwide. They think globally while acting locally. With this approach, entering new delivery markets requires global partnerships and integrations with the best local carriers.

To start offering the best delivery options in each area and reduce carbon footprint at every step of the delivery journey, Nudie Jeans needed the right tech solution they could integrate with various systems they already had in place.


By connecting the company's Point of Sales, e-commerce platform, enterprise planning system (ERP) and Ingrid Transport into a single omnisolution, Nudie Jeans has been able to leverage their brick-and-mortar stores into local warehouses and fulfill web orders directly store-to-door.

Not only has it shortened the delivery time, but also contributed to lowering the greenhouse emissions through more sustainable delivery options for every purchase made.


Local Nudie Jeans stores fulfill 30% of web orders in the UK, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, and there are more markets to come.

markets using Transport solution
of web orders streamlined by local stores in five markets

The service we now provide to our consumers bests our initial delivery offer

"As an SME company with our main Department of Commerce in Northern Europe serving a global market, it’s a challenge to provide fast, cost-efficient and sustainable deliveries to consumers. Our volumes are not big enough to enable fulfillment from local DCs in every market.

Since we have a store network, we saw the possibility to go more local and utilize store capacity, lower our operating cost, increase customer satisfaction and, most importantly, lower our carbon footprint. With Ingrid’s help, we were able to make this happen".

Maria Johansson
Chief Operations Officer, Nudie Jeans

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