Myrqvist offers 6 local delivery options in the main markets

Present local shipping methods in each market with simple delivery configuration


For Myrqvist, it's the craftsmanship that counts. 

It’s as much about the quality of leathers, the attention to the finest details and timeless design, as it is about the mindset that follows — that refined feeling you get when you walk down the street with a pair of perfectly handcrafted shoes.

With a price much closer to the production cost compared to traditional brands, Myrqvist sells shoes directly to consumers both online and in-store.


Myrqvist runs an international e-commerce store with six storefronts. The company faced two main challenges while optimizing the delivery offer in the main markets.

First, how to manage the increasing number of delivery zones in each market. Second, how to boost the selection of delivery options for the consumers to choose from at checkout. 

Both of these challenges stemmed from the limitations of manual delivery configuration.

Whenever the e-commerce manager at Myrqvist wanted to display personalized, local delivery methods specifically targeting customers within the supported area, it required manual configuration of delivery rules against zip codes supported by carriers.

Complicated, to say the least.


Thanks to the API-first solution of Ingrid Delivery Checkout, compatible with Shopify Plus, Myrqvist's delivery checkout no longer requires any manual input. 

With a streamlined delivery management workflow, the company was able to increase the number of delivery options in the main market from two to six.


Myrqvist boosts delivery personalization in each market with Ingrid Delivery Checkout

local delivery options in each market

Premium support

"Ingrid has been wonderful to work with, as the team is completely committed to helping us improve and extend our B2C delivery offering. So far, we have received help with everything — from getting data on delivery alternatives in the new markets we are interested in to more technically advanced support with specific feature requests.

Complete onboarding for Ingrid probably took around two months, which was mostly thanks to the complexity of our existing IT infrastructure. Our Customer Success Specialist was incredibly helpful along the way and ensured that Ingrid delivered on time."

Douglas Holm
E-commerce Manager, Myrqvist

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