Best Shopify Plus Apps That Drive Revenue

For many e-retailers out there, the time comes when their growth simply starts to “outgrow” the standard features offered by e-commerce platforms. 

The good news is that if you use Shopify (or, even better, Shopify Plus) to run your business, you are seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to available integrations with third-party apps. And there’s data to back it up. 

41.2% of the store owners surveyed by GoodFirms use 1 to 5 Shopify integrations, while 35.3% use 6 to 10 Shopify apps for their e-commerce businesses.

That’s hardly surprising, given the wide range of Shopify apps available. These days, you can improve anything from checkout conversion to product delivery and returns. When you’re trying to improve the shopping experience, every step of the customer journey counts.    

Best Shopify Plus apps for e-commerce 

Having worked with over 150 merchants over the years, we spotted at least a few Shopify Plus apps for e-commerce that could help you create a better shopping experience and drive revenue for your e-commerce business. 

If you're currently on the lookout for the best Shopify Plus integrations, here are our top 9 picks you might want to consider.    

Integrate Shopify Plus with Ingrid Delivery Platform

It’s no secret that consumers expect a seamless shopping experience from the moment they land in your online store to the point of unboxing their purchase. Interestingly, it’s often failed expectations and dissatisfaction around the delivery options (lack of alternatives, no free shipping, long delivery times) that makes them abandon their cart and go elsewhere.

To fix this problem (and many other issues along the way), Ingrid Delivery Platform connects merchants, carriers, and consumers — creating a better shopping experience for everyone. If you really care about your customers and their habits, rethinking your e-commerce delivery strategy and implementing it with Ingrid is the way to go.  

"Through Ingrid's checkout optimization, we are able to create the best possible delivery experience for all customers, while benefiting from both conversion uplift and lower net delivery costs."
Nicklas Törnqvist, Supply Chain Manager at Adlibris

Pricing: From 295 USD per month 

Top features: Delivery Upsell, Checkout A/B Testing, Preselection Logic, Advanced Pricing, Free Shipping Progress Bar, Full-circle Tracking, Transport Management System, and more

To turn delivery experience into your profit center and drive revenue, check Ingrid in Shopify App Store.

Screenshot of Ingrid, top Shopify Plus app example.

Shopify Plus app for product discovery: Klevu 

By making the site search more personalized and connecting consumers to products they are most likely to buy, Klevu can help you drive e-commerce sales by up to 37%. Pretty impressive, right?

What’s special about this Shopify integration is the use of AI to learn from every shopper’s on-site behavior, and then adjust the shopping experience to their wants and needs. 

Klevu powers the search and navigation experience of thousands of mid-level and enterprise online retailers by leveraging advanced semantic search, natural language processing, and smart product recommendations, just to name a few. 

According to Heike Zenkel, Senior Team Head Global E-Commerce at Puma, Matching up inventory with consumer behavior can make for a much more efficient experience for both buyer and seller.

— The service helped Puma boost search-led conversion rate by 52% on average, Heike Zenkel says.

Pricing: From 499 USD a month, free trial available

Top features: Discovery Suite, Smart Search, Smart Recommendations, and more 

To make sure your online store visitors find exactly what they are looking for, check Klevu in Shopify App Store

Screenshot of Klevu, top Shopify Plus app example.

Omnisend: Shopify Plus integration for marketing automation

Trying to scale your e-commerce business? It’s high time to get more out of your marketing efforts, no matter if you’re after a higher ROI, a better rapport with your customers, or a better shopping experience. The key to effective marketing is to work smarter, not harder - which is why you should let Omnisend do the work for you. 

From welcome series and cart abandonment campaigns to post-purchase messages, Omnisend seem to have a pre-built workflow for any occasion. The impressive number of satisfied customers (more than 70,000 e-commerce brands, to be exact) speaks for itself. 

— With the workflows, we have the opportunity to retain customers in the long term and provide them with an exciting buying experience, Moritz Kruse, Head of Email Marketing at Reternity shares. Automations also take the pressure off us to think permanently about campaigns. Overall, email marketing accounts for roughly 25% of the brand’s total revenue.

Pricing: From 16 USD a month, free plan available 

Top features: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Web Push Notifications, and more 

To engage your shoppers wherever they are, check Omnisend in Shopify App Store

Screenshot of Omnisend, top Shopify Plus app example.

Gorgias, Shopify Plus certified app partner for customer support

It’s no secret that customer service has the power to influence purchase decisions. If you’re serious about providing a stellar experience, you’re most likely resolving support issues across social media channels, emails, live chat, phone calls… Wouldn’t it be nice to actually improve your customer interactions and collect product feedback in one place

Here’s when Gorgias comes in. This one-stop-shop for customer support lets you collect conversations from every channel into one dashboard, and then streamline your tickets while increasing the productivity of your support team. Stop losing time by responding to recurring request and let Gorgias answers questions like "Where is my order" with a personalized message. 

We’ve seen 43% increase in revenue from customer support since we launched pre-sales flows. When customers get a quick and honest answer, they often end up buying more than one product in a short span of time, Milan Vanmarcke, Customer Service Manager at Loop Earplugs, says.

Pricing: From 50 USD a month, free trial available

Top features: Ticketing System, Auto Responder, Intent and Sentiment Detection, Support and Revenue Statistics, and more 

To streamline customer support, check Gorgias in Shopify App Store

Screenshot of Gorgias, best Shopify Plus app example.

Top Shopify Plus app for referral programs: Referral Candy

It's no secret that most shoppers seek recommendations from friends and family before making a purchase. If you want to benefit from this trend, Referral Candy is a great tool to integrate your e-commerce business with.

In a nutshell, it's a Shopify Plus certified app program that helps you turn customers into influencers through word-of-mouth. The way it works is pretty straightforward: it starts by providing your customers with a unique referral link, and encouraging them to share it with their friends and followers. It's easy to use for both you and your customers - you can set everything up and start getting referrals in less than an hour.

— Our referral program is an integral part of our marketing portfolio and is responsible for 20-35% of our sales each month, Emma Kruger, CEO at Riff Raff & Co says.

Pricing: From 49 USD a month

Top features: Automated Invitation, Custom Rewards, Pay Per Performance, and more

To reward your customers for referrals, check Referral Candy in Shopify App Store

Screenshot of Referral Candy, best Shopify Plus app example.

Integrate Shopify Plus with Tapcart for mobile commerce

Does almost all of your traffic comes from your mobile device? Then if your website is not exactly mobile-friendly or doesn't convert customers as it should, you might want to consider investing in a mobile app. 

The good news is: With software like Tapcart, it doesn’t seem challenging anymore. It allows you to “instantly turn a Shopify store into an epic mobile app, and grow revenue on autopilot”. Sounds intriguing? It’s only the short of it. 

Among other things, Tapcart provides your customers with a proper mobile experience that reduces friction and makes shopping more engaging. The tool also allows for sending push notifications that can drive repeat purchases, build customer loyalty, and don’t depend on any algorithm for exposure. 

— It’s another revenue stream on autopilot that works on its own. It takes very minimal upkeep, and it just converts, John Hyland, eCommerce Manager at Primitive Skate, sums up.

Pricing: From 250 USD a month, free trial available 

Top features: No-code Builder, Push Notifications, One-click Checkout, Abandoned Cart Recovery, Optimized Store Search, and more

To create a mobile app for your e-commerce store, check Tapcart in Shopify App Store

Screenshot of Tapcart, best Shopify Plus app example.

Best Shopify app for user-generated content: Junip

Extremely easy to install (no code!), Junip adds social proof in the form of product and store reviews to your product page. It might not seem like much at first, but research proves otherwise.

In fact, people are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on referrals they’ve seen on social media channels. Ratings, reviews, and user-generated content across other channels seem to be influential as well - online conversions are said to increase 133% when mobile shoppers see positive reviews before making the purchase. These stats should be a good enough reason to give Junip a try - especially since there's a free plan available.

— Junip is the review app for store owners who care deeply about 1) their customer's experience and 2) Not overpaying for software. In addition to the software being great- the team offers incredible customer service and regularly impresses me with how quickly they turn my feedback into features, Patrick M., CPO at Keap Athletics, says.

Pricing: From 19 USD a month, free plan available

Top features: Featured Reviews, Photo & Video Reviews, Google Review Snippets, and more

To collect reviews and user-generated content, check Junip in Shopify App Store

Screenshot of Junip, best Shopify Plus app example.

Greenspark, leading Shopify app for Earth-positive impact

“Turn your e-commerce business into a force for good, increase sales and engage your customers in climate action”. Sounds too good to be true? Yet, Greenspark makes it possible. If you and your customers care about making a positive environmental impact with every purchase, you should definitely consider this Shopify Plus integration.  

With Greenspark, you can choose from offsetting carbon emissions, salvaging plastic waste and planting trees to add tangible impact to your e-commerce business. Display widgets, badges, and cart messages to inform your customers, and create unique combinations that maximize their engagement and improve the shopping experience. 

— Environmental impact is something our customers and teams care deeply about. Greenspark helps us take measurable and meaningful action across our business, Elliot Blackler, Co-Founder at Evopure, shares.

Pricing: From 6 USD a month 

Top features: Product-level Impact Management, In-cart Widgets, Customer Impact Wallet, and more

To show an Earth-positive impact, check Greenspark in Shopify App Store

Screenshot of Greenspark, best Shopify Plus integrations example.

Integrate Shopify Plus with Reveal for e-commerce analytics

Ultimately, providing the best shopping experience comes down to understanding your customers. That’s precisely what Reveal was made for: collecting and visualizing behavioral and transactional data to help you get to know your shoppers and make more informed decisions in the long run.

The tool belongs to Omniconvert’s suite, and uses automated RFM segmentation to identify your most valuable customers, increase retention, and improve Customer Lifetime Value in the process. You can also use this leading insights tool to measure and improve customer experience, both pre and post-delivery. 

— Reveal uses a really innovative model to help you slice through your data to better understand your customers and where the opportunities lie to invest in the most impactful places, according to MUDWTR.COM.

Pricing: Paid plans from 83 USD a month, free version available  

Top features: Customer Value Optimization, Product Analytics, Facebook Audience Builder, and more 

To retain and nurture the most profitable customers, check Reveal by Omniconvert in Shopify App Store

Screenshot of Reveal, best Shopify Plus integrations example.

Best Shopify Plus integrations revealed 

There’s no doubt that e-commerce platforms like Shopify are well worth the investment. As your business grows, Shopify platform can grow with you - offering different pricing, features, and tools. With third-party apps, the opportunities for Shopify merchants to improve the shopping experience and drive e-commerce sales are almost endless.  

Fortunately, if you run your store with Shopify Plus, you’re already ahead of the game. Make the most of your business by integrating it with top Shopify apps for e-commerce, no matter what your goals are.

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