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Rofa Design streamlines checkout with Ingrid Delivery Address Form

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The joy of giving gifts is greater than the joy of receiving them. Rofa Design knows it best — they're an online Nordic brand that helps people find that very special, treasured little thing for any age and occasion, big and small. 


The success in the art of gift giving hinges on a quick, hassle-free delivery experience online consumers expect, just as it does on the product selection and quality in the first place. 

Things like a confusing checkout flow, lack of flexible shipping options and an accurate delivery promise can easily taint even the most thoughtful present — especially if ordered directly to the gift receiver's address. 

  • When Rofa Design's customers got to the address details, they needed to enter information into the payment provider's field, for both payment and delivery, which at times led to unnecessary confusion. Sometimes, it had to be done twice, if the consumer's or the giftee's delivery address wasn't the same as the billing address.
  • With international markets involved, generic 'Address line 1 & 2' and phone number placeholders just didn’t do the trick anymore, especially when trying to reduce the hassle and address mistakes.
  • On top of that, the delivery offer appeared at the very last step of the checkout process and may not have fit shoppers' expectations as to the price of shipping, delivery estimate and preferred method. 

Online checkout experience makes or breaks sales. If it's not user-friendly, it leads to frustration and cart abandonment. Customers are likely to drop out of the checkout process and go elsewhere.  

The team behind Rofa Design knew it was time to look for a delivery checkout optimization solution, especially since the brand operates in four Scandinavian countries, and manual delivery configuration in each delivery zone was no longer scalable. 


Rofa Design integrated Ingrid Delivery Checkout with an optional Delivery Address Form feature to present accurate, contextualized delivery information for every purchase in an intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

With Ingrid Delivery Checkout, Rofa Design's e-commerce team has access to a flexible delivery configuration platform for adding carriers, delivery methods, prices, filters and smart rules without much manual input. 

They are also able to run checkout conversion experiments based on those criteria and see how customers behave thanks to greater flexibility and a built-in A/B testing feature. 

The optional Delivery Address Form feature made it easy for the brand's shoppers to understand which information goes towards shipping and towards payment. It's especially helpful when they enter an address that's different from the payer's details. 

Now, the delivery address fields are customized and automatically verified in each country-specific market. The feature uses each address to generate the best, personalized shipping options for each order, after which it's used in the actual delivery process. 

To make things even simpler, the Delivery Address Form uses cookies to recognize Rofa Design's loyal customers and simplify their shopping experience with pre-filled data without account creation.


No delivery confusion, no unnecessary manual work and no errors when entering address details — everything is verified and saved without too much trouble for the end consumer. Rofa Design anticipates the smooth checkout process to enhance customer satisfaction, resulting in higher conversion rates and more repeat customers.

Conversion-optimized delivery checkout

"We needed a solution for an optimized, user-friendly delivery checkout and scalable delivery configuration behind the scenes. Ingrid came up as a strong contender in the competition. 

We had a smooth implementation of the Delivery Checkout and Address Form products and quick support from the onboarding team. When there was a need for some functionality tweaks, Ingrid's team delivered the backend changes as requested. 

Ingrid Delivery Checkout and Delivery Address Form help our growth by giving us the tools to understand consumer behavior, and importantly, to give our customers a greater shopping experience. We feel confident about the upcoming projects and see great potential with Ingrid going forward."

Niklas Tornkvist
Product Owner at Rofa Design

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