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Since 2010, clothing brand By Malina has been carrying out its vision of high fashion with a colorful twist. Their collections are award-winning and have spellbound global consumers, including the Swedish royal family. 

With five popular collections released annually, By Malina’s brand recognition and revenue are continually rising. Identifying the need to improve the delivery experience both locally as well as globally, By Malina set out to find a new partner that could create a high-quality delivery experience to match their outfits.


The team behind By Malina wanted to be able to quickly add new delivery options, including click & collect in-store, and a wide selection of pickup points available to all consumers regardless of their location. 

There was one catch, though: going live with the new delivery setup before Christmas, which was just around the corner.


By Malina partnered with Ingrid to improve the delivery experience, and worked closely with the Customer Success team to speed up the implementation process. 

The project finished in a record time of 29 days from signing the contract to going live, and Budbee was added as the first new carrier service. Right on time for the Holiday season!


Improving the delivery experience has proven to have a measurable impact on both conversion and customer loyalty.

Fast implementation

“We are very happy about the collaboration with Ingrid going live so quickly. This is an important step for the company, to improve the entire customer journey and have a delivery offer that we believe is as fulfilling as the clothes our consumers purchase.” 

Olivia Karlsson
E-commerce Content Manager, By Malina

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