Adlibris saves five tons of paper yearly

Get inspired by the less obvious ways to make your packaging more sustainable


Since its launch in 1997, Swedish e-commerce pure-play giant Adlibris has earned the position of the Nordic's largest bookstore. 

Staying on top of the game in a competitive landscape is part of the dexterity that has gained Adlibris their impressive client base. 

Adlibris had pioneered a seamless checkout experience and intelligent last-mile solutions with an accurate delivery promise to succeed in the ever-changing e-commerce market and growing consumer demands.  


One of the key principles of sustainable packaging is reduction in the amount of material used to produce it.

Parcel labels are no exception.

Smaller labels use less material, ink, and adhesive. They also take up less space in storage and burn less fuel when transported.

The idea was all there, execution was key.


Following months of hard work — a joint effort of Adlibris and Ingrid — Adlibris warehouses now print smaller parcel labels generated via Ingrid Transport. 

Among other reasons behind the implementation, smaller labels mean paper material reduction, cost decrease, smoother design and a minor increase in printing efficiency. 

With such a high volume of orders, even a small change creates a big impact in terms of sustainability and better margins. 


Adlibris prints smaller parcel labels generated via Ingrid Transport. 

5 tons
less paper used yearly
300K SEK
saved costs yearly

One small label for a parcel, one giant leap for sustainability

"It is always tricky for some of the carriers to get all the barcodes and text they believe they need onto a smaller label — half the size of the standard version. With Ingrid, we were able to get it done."

Nicklas Törnqvist
Head of Delivery Experience, Adlibris

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