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MORJAS is a Swedish shoe brand specializing in understated luxury. Looking sharp shouldn’t cost more than necessary, and this belief is the backbone of the company. Rooted in men’s footwear, the brand offers high-quality shoes with a timeless design. 

With a Direct-to-Consumer business model, MORJAS relies only on its website,, to sell the products. Because of that, the online shopping experience—including delivery—is crucial for the business.


MORJAS’ main objective was to offer a delivery experience that matches the high quality of the shoes they sell. On the other hand, the team behind the brand was also looking for ways to simplify the delivery operations in order to scale their business without any logistics issues along the way.

Innovative thinking and a careful choice of business partners were crucial to achieve both.


MORJAS partnered with Ingrid to offer convenient, fast, and secure delivery options—in Sweden and beyond. The goal was to let customers choose their preferred courier service, no matter where they are, and positively surprise them across all brand touchpoints.


MORJAS is constantly looking for new, fast, and convenient shipping alternatives that customers expect. Having the ability to actively change and add delivery options within Ingrid Checkout makes it possible for MORJAS to adjust the delivery offer whenever needed, depending on the market and customers’ needs. 

The best delivery experience possible

“We want to offer the best delivery experience possible to our customers and Ingrid helps us achieve that. Ingrid also gives us the flexibility to set up new carriers, communicate what to expect for each delivery alternative, and promote more environmentally-friendly options.”

Simon Malmberg
Chief Product Officer at MORJAS

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