IDEAL OF SWEDEN boosts revenue by 10% in the German market

Should you offer free shipping? Find the best delivery strategy in any market with Ingrid A/B Testing.


IDEAL OF SWEDEN is a global fashion and lifestyle brand for premium phone accessories. Inspired by the latest trends in fashion and interior, IDEAL OF SWEDEN designs merge smart function with cutting-edge looks.

From phone cases, phone wallets, charging cables, power banks to clutches and other fashion pieces — IDEAL OF SWEDEN stands for the little luxuries in everyday life. 


Should you be offering free shipping? 

Navigating the right e-comm shipping strategy without in-depth data can be daunting. In today's economic landscape, free shipping isn't always the answer. However, IDEAL OF SWEDEN recognized a unique opportunity in the German market. The key? Understanding local nuances and willing to experiment.


To confirm the hypothesis, IDEAL OF SWEDEN needed tangible, real-time insights into consumer behavior, the impact of shipping fees on conversion and how the new delivery configuration would reflect on the company's bottom line.  

They A/B tested two parallel iterations of Ingrid Delivery Checkout — one with free shipping for all orders, no matter the Average Order Value (AOV), and the other featuring a DHL Parcel delivery fee. With Ingrid, this test required zero coding or integration changes.

Every customer was presented with transparent shipping costs throughout the whole shopping journey — from mini cart to Free Shipping Indicator to Delivery Checkout. 


Using a combination of Ingrid's A/B testing data and third-party tools, IDEAL OF SWEDEN statistically verified that standard free shipping, a crucial factor for German consumers, significantly boosted conversion rates and revenue.

revenue increase
conversion boost
AOV decrease
1 min
from testing to live on all traffic

Data-driven delivery strategy

"Thanks to Ingrid, we can make data-driven business decisions for each delivery scenario in each delivery market.

The free shipping trial in Germany was a game changer, and we acted quickly — going from a free delivery test to implementation took us only a minute, with the best delivery experience for our customers in mind. That's something we can do only with Ingrid."

Christoffer Kjellberg
Head of E-commerce, IDEAL OF SWEDEN

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