Virtual click and collect hubs

Ingrid aggregates shipping services into a platform and offers an easily integrated "no-click shipping" checkout plugin to increase merchants conversion and sales - utilizing a customized shipping experience and better options populated through machine learning that automatically suggests the very best option for specific consumers based on behavior, preferences, pricing, type of product, time, geography, neighbors preferences, pick-up point rating and much more data.

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Click and collect

Merchants can transform their own retail locations to become pickup and return locations and thereby unlock the potential for true omni-channel exeperiences. The locations are then selectable in the merchant checkouts. This will drive footfall and upsell for the location. Ingrid will also offer access to the virtual hubs set up by other Ingrid Merchants, independent from carriers.

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Ship from store

Ingrid’s end-to-end SaaS-platform for e-commerce click and collect also facilitates cross-docking for flexible last-mile and return operations. The cross-docking hub service will aid merchants in lowering costs on mid-mile transportation and thereby shifting resources to improved last-mile services. The service aids to the user experience when consumers can choose to accept at their own convenience.

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Simplified return handling

By establishing a network for Click & Collect and cross-docking for premium last mile delivery merchants are able to offer seamless return handling. Consumers will then be able to initiate a return using the same service for last-mile delivery or choose to hand off at the location or make an exchange.

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