Intelligent shipping checkout

Ingrid aggregates shipping services into a platform and offers an easily integrated "no-click shipping" checkout plugin to increase merchants conversion and sales - utilizing a customized shipping experience and better options populated through machine learning that automatically suggests the very best option for specific consumers based on behavior, preferences, pricing, type of product, time, geography, neighbors preferences, pick-up point rating and much more data.

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Predictive option

Consumers gets presented with a predictive quick option for delivery based on our algorithms and data. The plugin can be presented and prepopulated already on product pages to remove shipping friction and then again in the checkout for more options. The consumer can change their options in our shipping configurator to optimize on conveniance, speed or cost.

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PSP integration

Ingrid powers the shipping selector in payment providers checkout like Klarna. That way prepopulation of data can make the shipping choice even smoother. Frontend integration is therefore automatic with the integration of the payment provider.

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Delivery preference prediction

Rule engine and machine learning

Ingrid assumes the responibility for the Merchant Delivery Rules using our sophisticated rule engine which can be easily managed using our Merchant Administration Dashboard.

Our Predictive Analytics Platform crunches rules, data from consumers, merchants and shippers to be able to present a Delivery Preference Prediction

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