Products for a true omni channel offering.


Remove friction 
for consumers and 
increase conversion

Ingrid aggregates shipping services into a platform and offers "no-click shipping" to increase merchants conversion and sales - utilizing a customized shipping experience and better options through an algorithm that automatically suggests the very best option for specific consumers based on behavior, preferences, pricing, type of product, time, geography, neighbors preferences, pick-up point rating and much more data.

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Upsell and reduce costs

Ingrid’s virtual hub platform unlocks true omni-channel and futureproofs retail integration with ecommerce. Merchants will be able to set up virtual hubs for pick-up and cross-docking for a relevant last-mile shippers for offering consumers true convenience and on-demand deliveries and returns.

Virtual Hubs

Less administration

Ingrid’s next generation of cloud TA-System facilitates printing and booking of tranportation for a new generation of delivery methods like the Ingrid virtual hubs, digital locks, lockers, last-mile shippers like food deliveries and more. The system also aims at improving the track and trace information to consumers and return handling.

Transport Automation